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Expression of natural gifts from GOD

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Talents reflect the capacity of our mind and the connection we have with God and our dreams above all that it what we were born holding ,swearing the world that one that I will be a leader, I will grow to give. 

A country who doesn’t invest in it young leaders has no future, same in the societies and families. To us investing in future is not always about making money but it based on love that we combine with business. We are committed in grooming and cultivating the globe’s next batch of entertainment luminaries and we hope that our distinguished selection of talent will show that and we will have a strong bond to stand forever. Keeping our market is the most wining point of the production investments. To us it about decipline, humanity, self-control and being responsible through that we label as being talented, and then from that we have to production project and professionalism. We go beyond our limit for God given gift as bible in Exodus 35:10 says ”let very skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the Lord has commanded.” Then Matthew emphasizes that when He says “so take the Lord take the talent from His and give it to him who has the ten talents.”For me being talented is about obeying God, knowing your abilities, serving God and blessing the world. It about giving what best for the world to make a change.

Welcome to Galaxy Version Media House Foundation

Galaxy Media House is a full-service Talent Management and Production company. Galaxy provides professional representation, PR marketing and production development services to a select roster of Actors, Models, Celebrities, Directors, Producers, and Writers. As a talent management agency and skills developers we also focus on voice artists, music production and arts skills. We produce fresh and young talents to grow with them.


Our acting clients have been seen on numerous TV shows, films and commercials. Our writing clients have been optioned by film production companies and have developed pilot scripts for potential television series. The company has a first look deal with several studios and production firms.


With a select roster, we are able to remain committed to our goal of developing high quality talent. This “boutique” type approach lends itself to a more personalized atmosphere when developing new talent, allowing us to give our artists the hands-on guidance needed to prepare them for this highly competitive industry.


We at Galaxy Media House as youth we are dedicated to high quality service, which promotes each of our clients unique development. We believe it essential to work hand in hand with both parents and agents to provide our client the personal attention needed to strive in an ever-changing, competitive business.


Our industry leading professionals support clients in navigating the entertainment world through our knowledge and background, as well as our relationships in the field. Our continued success is due in part to our commitment to a boutique approach in addition to a dedication to a select roster.We also plan and manage any type of events, check here our events




Galaxy Media House is an in-house production division solely created to focus on development and production of reality, documentary soap & documentary drama television programming.



Galaxy provides packaging of writers, actors, producers and financing for feature films and television programming. We also provide trainings, workshops and arrange events, so we also focus on music, voice artists and arts .Our mission is to provide producers a lucrative buyer of content and joint partnerships with Zulu-Core production companies.

Talent Management and Casting Services

Talent Management

Our primary focus is to provide a personal management representation to actors for film & television.

Casting Services

Galaxy has cast films, television series, commercials & music videos. Our casting background gives us a direct working relationship with producers, directors and network executives