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Radio & Television, Communication, Marketing & Advertising
Durban, South Africa

Organizational background

Talent Management background

Human capital may be is organization’s greatest investment but may not receive the same amount of attention as other business capital (financials, property and technology). Implementing sound talent management strategies can HR organization move from a process-focused operation to a key strategic contributor, resulting in competitive advantages for our company.

Effective talent management serves both the needs of employees and the business. It is also critical to understand where your industry is going and what talent will keep you ahead of the curve.

Keeping this in mind, evaluate how company initiatives map to departmental and individual competencies and answer questions such as how can we find talent to meet business demands in the current market, how can we improve employee commitment, and how can we develop succession plans with career paths for employees? Then communicate talent management objectives supporting company initiatives to align everyone in the organization.

About our company

Our vision

To strengthen our position as the leading tourism company providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region.

Our expertise

Our Values


We distinguish ourselves through our strong commitment to improve and to inspire.


We commit to fulfil the needs of the persons, the interested parties and the environment through our work, maximizing the company’s resources.


We are reliable and trustworthy in all our relationships.


We encourage harmony and warmth between persons, considering human diversity.