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Radio & Television, Communication, Marketing & Advertising
Durban, South Africa

Our event can be also broadcasted live on Youtube channels ,on our website and online radio. We are busy advancing the technology system of our event management and we are growing the level so we can be accessible in every devices, everywhere. We are also organize press release if it necessary.

Corporate Clothing( Promotional gifts, T-shirt designing...)

Corporate clothing

Here at Galaxy Media House, we have a range of thousands of promotional products ranging from luxury corporate gifts and business gifts to inexpensive items for promotional giveaways. We can cater for every need and budget, providing you with high quality products at very reasonable prices on a time scale to suit you. We believe that promotional gifts are an established, highly effective way to promote your business/ entity which is why our range is so extensive.


Galaxy Corporate clothing and Team wear is the business to business division of Galaxy Media House, a company with a world-wide reputation for quality and service. We specialize in providing embroidered work wear and whether you are a multi-national company looking for quality corporate clothing or a small, local club or team looking for embroidered polo shirts - we’ve got your needs covered. Our dedicated customer service team can put together the right ‘look’ for you from our full product range, from the simplest personalized t-shirts to bespoke, embroidered staff uniforms. Our expert embroidery team can reproduce virtually any logo design, from simple, single color monograms to complex, multi coloured logos. Our state of the art embroidery facilities can handle up to 15 different thread colours at once and with over 2000 thread colours to match your chosen pantone references, we’re confident we can produce your logo with pixel-perfect precision. Quality counts for everything with Lands’ End. We take great pride in the design and manufacture of our products and the excellence of our logo embroidery. So you can be assured of our commitment to this, everything we sell is Quality. Guaranteed.

Entertainment (Performers, sound, light)

Production (Photo, Videos, Screening, live Broadcasting on our online channels)

Decor (Tables and Chair)

Catering Service

Our event management division has produced and promoted many top local and international events and productions. We could have a large gallery with all our events but we believe in simplicity.


We offer the following services to our clients;


  • Entertainment
  • Technical Production
  • Event Management
  • Catering
  • Decor 
  • Concert Production 
  • Marketing


Designing and producing an event – whether it is a meeting, corporate event, fund-raising gala, conference, convention, incentive, wedding or other special event – has been compared to directing a movie but it is actually more like a live stage production. It is a high-wire act without the safety nets. Once your event starts there are no second chances. There is a lot of stress comes with event planning mostly if you out of contacts. Event planning involves a lot of department from entertainment, light, sound, catering, marketing, invitations, production, technical and decoration. Our company offers you a lot to make your event be a success whether it Government event, corporate events or traditional event we just plan any type of event and make sure the memory last forever. There is no part of the world we can't reach.

This is why you need to hire us:

Do you sleep well the night before an event, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re planning and preparation has been carried out effectively? How much could you or your organization benefit from well executed events – on time and on budget?

An event is a particular type of project – it usually involves an uncompromising deadline and a high performance component.   Tight choreography is generally a key element of success.

A successful event can provide tremendous marketing, organizational and personal benefits.  An unsuccessful event is a nightmare.

Galaxy Events is designed specifically for you to carry out a successful event. You will cover all aspects of event management, including choosing a theme, establishing a budget, selecting a venue, organizing catering, production crew, entertainment and security, reaching your target audience.